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Quilting Options

Edge to Edge (E2E)

Also known as pantograph or allover quilting is a design that repeats over the entire quilt top from top to bottom and side to side. This is the most popular option and a good choice for busy fabrics, bed quilts that are subject to laundering, and the least expensive option.

Border to Border (B2B)

A semi-custom option using an E2E pattern on the quilt body with a separate border design. This works well on solid or tone on tone fabric borders.

Custom Quilting

The individual treatment of blocks, borders, and sashings. This option requires in person consultation. ‘Busy’ fabric is recommended for the backing fabric.


We offer 2 binding options:

1. A completed, ¼” machine stitched, double-fold binding.
2. A double-fold binding attached to the quilt front with a ¼” seam, to be turned to the back for hand stitching.

Sufficient fabric must be provided. No need to cut the strips, we will do that too! We will square up the quilt as needed when preparing the quilt for binding. All scrap materials trimmed from quilt before binding will be returned to the client.