Quilting Services

Pricing for quilting services is calculated by the square inch. Simply multiply the width x length of the quilt top to obtain the square inches. Multiply this figure by the price listed for the treatment desired.

Example—80” x 100” = 8000 x .0175=$140.00

Minimum Quilting Charge ( under 2400sq.in)–$35.00

  • Edge to Edge (E2E) also known as pantograph is a quilting design that repeats over the entire quilt from top to bottom and side to side. This is the most popular selection and a good choice for busy fabrics, bed quilts that will be used and subject to laundering, and the least expensive option.
  • Border to Border (B2B) is a semi-custom option using an E2E pattern on the quilt body with a separate border design.
  • Custom quilting is the individual treatment of blocks, borders, and sashings. Design choices may include stitch in the ditch (SID), echoing, crosshatching, outlines, stippling, and thread color changes if desired. This selection requires  consultation by phone . ‘Busy’ fabric is recommended for the backing fabric.
  • Thread color is selected to enhance not overpower your quilt . I use Signature cotton and also Glide polyester depending on the quilt design and fabric type and color. I stock a few variegated which can work really well or really NOT well . If you have a preference either way please let me know.
  • Batting may be provided or purchased . I currently stock Hobbs 80/20 poly-cotton blend and Quilter’s Dream Blend in a king size.
  • Binding  service is also available. The charges are priced by the linear inch. Simply measure the entire outside edge of the quilt top  ( widthx2 + lengthx2 ) I will make a double fold binding (cut strips 2 1/8”). Please provide ample fabric for binding.


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