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Quilting is priced by the square inch. To calculate the cost, multiply the width x length of your quilt top for the square inches. Multiply this number by the price per square inch.

Example: 70”w x 90”L = 6,300 sq. inches. 6,300 x .020 = 126.00

Edge to Edge (E2E)

.0175 Medium/large meander

.020 Medium density design
Most popular choice

.025 Very dense or complex design

Border to Border (B2B)

.025 E2E with a separate border design

Additional borders $10 each


Any treatment other than E2E.

Priced upon request.
In-person consultation required.


.020 per linear inch. A completed ¼” machine stitched binding.

.015 per linear inch.
Binding applied to the quilt front with ¼” seam for client to hand stitch on the back.
Client provides fabric for binding.


$1 per bobbin


$10 per yard. Hobbs 80/20 blend 100” priced to the nearest ¼ yard.

Quilters Dream packaged batting of every type is available and priced upon request.

Additional Services

Pressing Quilt Backing​

By request only. Charges based on $25 per hour. We do not press quilt tops.

Seaming, Pressing, and Squaring Quilt Backing

$7 per seam. Charges based on $25 per hour for pressing and squaring.

Adding Hanging Sleeve ​

$10 for a 3” sleeve. Client provides fabric.

There is a $40 minimum charge for quilting.