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Do not attach the quilt top, batting, and backing together in any manner. These components must be loaded separately onto the frame.

Remove any buttons, yo-yos, ribbons, beads, or other embellishments.

Trim threads poking through the front of the quilt top, and on the underside, if these threads could shadow through to the front.

Check the quilt top for any piecing mistakes or unstitched seams.

If your top has no borders, or piano key type borders, please stay stitch 1/8” around the perimeter of the top to prevent popping open of seams.

Label “top” if your quilt top or backing is considered directional.

Backing fabric MUST MEASURE AT LEAST 6” MORE THAN THE TOP ON ALL 4 SIDES. So your backing should be 12” wider and 12” longer than the top. Scrap fabric may be added to the backing to meet these requirements.

PLEASE square up your backing fabric and measure to ensure it is large enough.

The top and backing fabric should be well pressed. We do not press quilt tops due to liability concerns. Backing fabric will only be pressed upon request and a service charge of $25 per hour applied.

No pet hairs please!

It is not our standard practice to trim quilts when completed however, we will gladly square and trim the quilt if requested. Just ask.

Quilting Keepsakes is not responsible for popped seams, piecing errors, or unsquared quilt tops that result in pleats or puckers.